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How do I grant my team access to our Nomod account?
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How do I grant my team access to our Nomod account?

Our Teams feature allows you to bring your entire team to Nomod!

With Teams you can invite, and manage team members who can individually take payments both In-Person as well as through Link. Whether you're a multi-store franchise, manage a team of salespeople on the go, have a fleet of delivery drivers who need to collect payments, or just need to split responsibilities between you and other members of your team, we hope Teams will make running your business with Nomod just that much easier.

  1. If you haven't already please download the latest version of Nomod the App Store or Play Store
  2. Jump into Settings > Business > Team to set up your own team, send out the invites, and get charging!

You can create two types of roles currently:

  1. "Administrator" - This is ideal for team members who manage your business, and who will need access to most features
  2. "Charge" - This is designed for team members who primarily process payments and don't need access to other account features

When you tap on a role, the app will bring up list of the account features together with the corresponding permissions, so that you know exactly what access you're allowing and to whom!

The person who created the Nomod account will remain as the account "Owner" as retains full access to all account features.

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