Questions that we get asked all the time!

How does Nomod work?

Nomod makes it beautifully easy to accept card payments on your phone, anytime, anywhere. Nomod acts as your commercial agent to sell goods and services on your behalf, collect payment, and make payouts to you. In industry parlance, Nomod acts as a merchant of record

Does Nomod do hardware?

Nope, we don't, nor do we believe in hardware. We think that clunky custom hardware is on the way out and will be replaced by beautiful easy to use software, hence Nomod!

How do price plans work?

You can choose between the Two Days plan and the Weekly plan. Each plan’s name refers to its payout speed. If you are looking for the best pricing and don’t mind the extra wait, the Weekly plan starts from 2.27% + 0.20 AED. If you value speedy payouts, the Two Days plan starts from 2.37% + 0.20 AED. On each plan, features and add-ons are individually priced. You can find more information on our pricing page

How do I switch between plans?

You can switch between plans by tapping on another plan in the Nomod app. Your plan will switch immediately and you can change plans as often as you’d like! Charges that you process under a given plan will follow that plan’s pricing and payout speed, even if you change your plan afterwards

How do I qualify for the Two Days plan?

Your account may qualify to switch to the Two Days plan after a few weeks of regular usage. Your account must be verified, has completed at least four payouts, and maintained consistent, low risk payments volume. You will be notified when your account qualifies!

How do payouts work?

Your payouts depend on your plan.

On the Two Days Plan, it’ll take two business days for your charges to be available to be paid out. All charges that qualify will be paid out every day, Monday to Friday.

On the Weekly plan, it’ll take five business days for your charges to be available to be paid out. All charges that qualify will be paid out every Thursday.

The minimum payout on each plan is AED 200 or SAR 200. You can find more information in the payouts doc.

How does VAT work?

We’ll charge you 5% on top of your Nomod fees as VAT. Here’s a worked example:

  • Your charge amount: AED 100
  • Example Nomod fees of 2.6%: AED 2.6
  • 5% VAT on Nomod fees: AED 0.13
  • Nomod Fees + 5% VAT: AED 2.73

In KSA, we apply 15% on top of your Nomod fees as VAT.

Do you charge any other fees?

Nope. We don't charge setup fees, don't believe in minimums or monthly charges, don't ask you to commit to a contract, or basically any extra fuss

How do I get access to custom pricing?

If you're processing over AED 100,000 in monthly volume, or use one feature more frequently than another, contact our growth team to request custom pricing for your business