Invite team members to your Nomod account.

Team members can individually take payments both In-Person as well as through Link on their own devices, using just one Nomod account. Some of the different ways businesses are currently using the Teams feature include:

  • Multi-store franchises
  • Team of field salespeople
  • Fleet of delivery drivers who need to collect payments
  • Splitting responsibilities between different functions/department

Add a new Team Member

  1. Get started: Tap on the Team Icon and then on the "+" sign on the top right corner
  2. Input team member information and assign a role: The email address that you use here will be the one at which they will receive the invitation to join Nomod. The same email address must be used to sign in to the team account
  3. Your team member will receive an invitation to their email addres. The team member should download the Nomod App, and use the invited email address to sign in (they should not use their phone number or a different email address)
  4. Enter the Secure Code The new team member will receive a Secure Code to their email address, which they'll need to use to complete signing up
  5. Start charging!

Team Roles

You can choose between three roles to assign to a team member:

AdministratorManage your account and team members
ManagerCreate, manage, and refund payments from anyone in the team
StaffCreate and manage their own payments