In-Person Payments

In-Person Payments

Accept in-person payments using Nomod without any additional hardware.

Creating an In-Person Charge

  1. Tap on the In-Person option

  2. Enter the amount you'd like to charge: You can name the item you're charging for by tapping on it, or add a new item by tapping on the "+" sign on the bottom left corner. You can remove an item you've already added by swiping left

  3. Extras: Tap on any of the icons above the keyboard to add a discount, allow your customer to select a tip, or add a note about what you're selling

  4. Link to a customer: You may want to link a customer to the transaction before completing the charge. Doing this will automatically send a receipt to the customer’s saved email address once the transaction is completed. To do so, tap the “Add Customer” icon in the top right corner of the charge screen and either choose a customer from your contacts or add a new one.

  5. Tap “Charge”: Choose your input method and complete the charge: a. Available on iOS if you're processing an in-person charge in USD or have a US Stripe account connected to Nomod. Available on all NFC enabled Android devices for all currencies. Just tap your customer's card against the back of your device and process the payment b. QR Code: Display a QR code that your customer can scan using their own device, and pay either by entering their card details or using an ewallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay c. Scan: Use your device's camera to scan your customer's card and process the payment d. Link: Send a quick payment link over any messaging platform e. Typed: Enter your customer's card details manually

  6. Send a receipt: Once the charge is successful, the charge summary screen will appear. From here you can send a receipt to the customer’s email address. If you already linked the customer to the transaction, their email address will be displayed and you may send them a duplicate receipt or enter an alternative email address to send a copy of the receipt to. If you did not already link the customer, the field will be blank, ready for you to enter their email address.

Authorise Only

To capture or cancel an authorised charge later:

  1. Select the charge from the activities tab
  2. Tap on the three dots to cancel the charge, or tap on the "charge" button to capture the charge

Keep in mind, authorised payments will be typically blocked for 7 days, and be released after that. The Authorise feature is not available for Tap to Pay transactions.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Tap to Pay

Customers can pay you by tapping their Apple Pay or Google Pay device directly on your device. If you're an iOS user, this feature is currently available for in-person charges in USD, or if you've connected a US Stripe account. If you're an Android user, this feature is available for in-person charges in USD or if you connect your US, Canada, Singapore, Australia or New Zealand Stripe account.

QR Code

When your customers scan a QR Code on their Apple Pay or Google Pay enabled device they will be able to complete the purchase by tapping on the Apple Pay or Google Pay button. No manual input needed!

When your customers open a Link with an Apple Pay or Google Pay enabled device they will be able to complete the purchase by tapping on the Apple Pay or Google Pay button. Google Pay works best when using Google Chrome.

Charge Currencies

Nomod supports the ability to charge in over 135+ currencies including USD, AED, GBP, EUR, SAR and SGD.