Refunds can be processed in the Nomod app.

  1. Bring up the transaction list - Tap the Activity icon in the toolbar at the bottom of your device’s screen to bring up the transaction list screen.
  2. Find the relevant transaction - Scroll through the list or use the “Search” feature to locate the relevant transaction, then tap it to bring up the transaction details.
  3. Issue refund - Tap the “menu” icon in the bottom right hand corner (the 3 vertical dots) and select “Refund”, then follow the instructions!

Always be sure to check that the card to which the refund is being issued matches the card that was used for the original transaction.

Refunds can take place for up to six months from the date of the charge.

Currently we’re not able to refund fees charged at the time of the original transaction, so please make sure you have sufficient funds available in your account to refund your customer in full. If your account balance is low, we may need to restrict your ability to process refunds until you have processed more charges to top up your account balance.