Experience the best of Nomod with Membership, like same-day payouts and other great perks.

Become a member by going to Settings > Membership, then choose your membership type.


Access the same features, and choose the billing cycle that works best for you. Billing takes place upfront, and is debited from your Nomod balance.


AED 179 / month, billed annually at AED 2,148.


AED 229 / month, billed monthly. Yearly total is AED 2,748.

Membership will auto-renew. If you'd like to cancel your membership, go to Settings > Membership > Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner.

If you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, your current membership will end on the renewal date. You can resume a cancelled membership in the future.

You can upgrade from Monthly to Annual at any time. You'll receive a discount equivalent to any time remaining in your current month that you have already been billed for.


Same-day Payouts

Monday through Friday, your balance will be checked at 4:30pm Dubai and will be paid out, up to AED 25,000, by 6:00pm Dubai. Any remaining balance, will roll into the next day, and the process will repeat. A minimum payout of AED 200 applies.

Here’s a worked example:

If you process an AED 100,000 charge before 4:30pm Dubai, you will be paid out in the following manner:

Today: AED 25,000

Tomorrow: AED 25,000

Day Two: AED 50,000

If you've recently changed your payout method, your first payout to your new bank account may not reach you until the following day, due to additional security checks that our banking partners need to perform.

Nomod Checkmark

The Nomod Checkmark lets your customers know that you're a verified and active business with Nomod. Your checkmark will appear on the bottom right corner of your logo on all Links and Invoices that you send out.


Pick a username by going to Settings > Business > Details. Your username will be an important part of an upcoming feature.

Early Access to new features

We listen closely to feedback, and consistently implement features that our users ask for. Get an early look at brand new features, and help us shape the future of Nomod.

Access to Membership

To qualify, your account must meet the following criteria:

  • Your account must be verified
  • Your account must have a history of consistent payouts
  • Your account must have high quality, low risk payments volume

If your account doesn't currently meet these criteria, you can request to be notified when it does by tapping Become a Member > Notify.