All businesses that use Nomod need to complete verification.


Our verification process has improved from app version v1.16.0, feedback appreciated!)

Identity and Business Verification

Sign up via the web or download the app, enter your details, verify your email address and you’re ready to accept payments, with some restrictions.

You’ll need to complete identity and business verification to remove the restrictions and to receive your payouts. Follow the prompts in your app, or go to Settings > Verification, submit photos of your identity documents, take a short selfie video, and provide information about your business.

Most of our users are verified within a day, and if we need more information we’ll be in touch.

Verification is a continuous requirement, and we may need to get in touch in the future for more information about you, your business, your activity, or your account, in order to determine if you can continue to access the nomod platform.

If we unfortunately haven’t been able to verify your business we’ll let you know. Please contact us) if you would like us to investigate further, and depending on the circumstances, we may be able to point you in the direction of another provider who may be able to support you.

Accuracy of Information Provided

Nomod is for legitimate businesses only. You must be an authorised representative of the business you are signing up to Nomod. We may ask for evidence of this.

The more detail you can provide about your what your business sells, where, how and to whom, together with supporting evidence, the easier it will be for us to complete verification of your business. Links to your business' website, social media profiles and customer reviews, will also help us to build a picture of your business.

Always ensure the information you enter is true and accurate. We will not be able to verify your business with incorrect information.

Statement Descriptor

Your customer will see a merchant statement descriptor on their card statement. The statement descriptor allows your customer to understand which merchant a particular charge is associated with. When you use Nomod, the following will be displayed on your customer's card statement:

NOMOD* [Legal Name of Your Business]

It's therefore very important that the business name you enter when signing up and completing verification is accurate, and will allow your customers to easily recognise their transactions with you.

Up to 15 characters of the legal name of your business can be included. For example, if the legal name of your business is Morethan15characters Inc, this will be displayed as NOMOD* MORETHAN15CHARA

Restricted Businesses

We typically can’t work with the types of businesses listed on our restricted businesses list (opens in a new tab). Please note that we're currently unable to serve businesses or individuals subject to international sanctions.

These lists are non-exhaustive and are updated regularly. If you’re not sure whether your business is described above, or you have any questions, feel free to contact us).